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EPS Foam Copings


Copings - Shapes designed to cap off the top of a wall.

  1. Wall Copings - Shapes at the top of a wall around a building also called parapets, wall copings can also be for block fence walls, and for signs.

  2. Pool Copings - usually a bullnose shaped cap to create a smooth edge around a pool surface also to provide a lip around the pool. Most EPS foam for pool copings is the negative shape used in concrete molds - for concrete pool copings.

  3. Curved Copings - can be formed from curved EPS foam shapes, from small straight angled pieces, from straight pieces that have been siped like an accordion to create a flexible form, or small flexible pieces when put together create the desired shape

  4. Standard Copings - Sign Wall Caps, Pool Copings, Bullnose Copings, Fountain Copings, Stair Treads or Plates.


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