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EPS Foam Crown Moulds


Crown Moulds - The crown mould shape is a popular design in architecture. The characteristic that defines a shape as a crown mould is that simply it is a decorative trim with a "S" Shaped or "O.S.G." Curve. Typically many people are familiar with the many wood crown moulds available. While wood crown moulds are popular and have it's uses; EPS Foam Crown Moulds definitely are vital in many construction applications.

    EPS Foam Crown Moulds are much more light weight - making them easier to transport, cost less in most cases, and easier to work with on a job site. The Foam also provides additional insulation value above that of wood shapes. Foam can be fabricated into any shape desired. In many cases hundreds of feet of shape can be fabricated in hours; verses days or weeks for mills to custom fabricate shapes. In addition, sense all of our customers prefer there own unique design for there building there is no additional markup for custom shapes like there is for in fabricating with other materials.

     EPS foam, unlike other materials, is shaped using heated wires. These wires smoothly move through foam effortlessly making smooth detailed shapes for the stucco industry, without the need for sanding and polishing. Methods for fabricating many materials require various tools and unique processes, however foam without this added expense is much more cost effective.


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