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EPS Foam For Signs, Lettering, & Promotions


  1. EPS Foam is easily fabricated into most any shapes, which make it a inexpensive, lightweight material to use in creating your custom sign

  2. EPS Foam lettering is not limited. Letters come in any font you give us, even in Itallic, Cursive, or Custom Art Style.

  3. Any size you want from 4" letters up to 6 foot tall letters, well we haven't really been asked to make anything larger yet.

  4. We can make any thickness you want from 1" up to 8" Thick, you tell us.

  5. All we need from you is:     a piece of paper with the letters in the font you want, the thickness, the height, and the stroke of the letters. ( The stroke is the width of the letter like the pencil size or paintbrush stroke - sometimes a thin stoke on some fonts make the foam shape easy to break. )

Out Side Stand Alone Signs for Businesses, for Neighborhood Signs, Entrance Signs, and Other Large Exterior Signage.

  1. We make caps for tops of signs, curved, arched custom shaped sometimes with keystones usually to decorate brick or block walls for signs.

  2. We make shaped tops with sloped winged sides and goblet centers

  3. We can fabricate large curved walls to fit over PVC Pipes supports, Structural Columns, or other suitable support to comply with wind loads and code requirements.

  4. We can fabricate Custom Column Ends to Decorate the End of a Wall for a Sign. (whether standard column style or square column with recessed panels & a pyramidal column cap.

  5. We can fabricate larger than life props and promotional recreations for curb appeal.

  6. You design it we can make the foam shapes for it. Bring your sign idea to life and call us today toll free (866) 225-4464.









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